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Our Journey

We've done so much for so long, on so very little, we are now qualified to do anything with practically nothing.  This is what web and mobile technology is supposed to do for you, not break the bank.

April, 2001

Rapid Expansion Through Associations

Humanspan began it's journey on Front Street in Washington, Missouri along the Missouri River in honor of the Lewis and Clark exploration.  With minimal investment and resources, we began our guerrilla marketing campaigns for new business through web site development, hosting and education with member organizatons in Missouri, Illinois and the Washington DC area.  The Illinois Chiefs of Police was our first member organization customer and following the tragic events of September 11th that year, we donated thousands of dollars of web/app development and worked at a greatly discounted rate to The Association of Small Business Development Centers (Now America's SBDC) because they lost their annual meeting in Dallas which began on that day.  Needless to say, our flight on American Airlines to Dallas on September 11th, 2001 was cancelled, but our generous efforts to assist this customer blossomed into many more member organization relationships lasting 7 years and more.  Humanspan also continued with the Illinois Automobile Dealer's Association, the first professional web site to be built by the owners of Humanspan in 1998 under previously owned company da Vinci multiMedia.  We still enjoy working with IADA after 20 years.  We also developed relationships with Association Management Companies in St. Louis and Jefferson City, Missouri, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Springfield, Illinois and Washington DC to provide public speaking, fixed bid development efforts for their clients and to educate them on development and maintenance for their own internal profit centers.  Some of these organizations evolved and no longer needed our services and some we continue to work with today.  


Small Businesses/Middle Market Company Customer Growth

Reaching members.


Growth Through Acquisitions

We found new ways to obtain web/app development projects and customers needing hosting through a few strategic business purchases.  After buying a "copy store" in a town of almost 10,000, we branded the new business Copies, Marketing & More to introduce total branding to small businesses in a small market.  We leased copiers that could do digital imaging and sold web site services "over the counter" and pulled more digital solutions into the mix.  This was before Office Max and other national franchises attempted this.  By helping small businesses gain total, affordable branding (business cards, literature, web site, etc) and a local middle market company with our services, we gained new customers, concepts of scaling small business solutions into corporate business Units and acquired relationships that flourish still to this day.  Humanspan co-located with Copies, Marketing & More until the copy business was sold.  The acquisition of EZL Dot Com, a small 1,000 customer ISP also gave Humanspan access to new web clients until the ISP side of the business was sold.   


Homeowners Associations

We also wanted to work with volunteer based organizations, oftentimes managed by Association Management firms.  We began focusing on the "overlooked"  Homeowners Association market.  Communities need centralization of content relating to building codes, meetings, community guidelines and communication.  Our affordable, fix-bid approach to building what we have built so many times combined with our support, and continued training and support to new volunteers responsible for authoring websites, gave us a permanent position in the space.  We continue to support management companies of HOA's to help reduce their cost and give their clients a budgetable solution to centralized solutions they desparately need and that community members now expect. 


Consulting, Project Management

Producing solutions for as little as $500 to as much as $100K for many different organizations, with annual service costs of a few hundred dollars to mere thousands annually to support and service them, brought about consulting engagements where this knowledge is applied on many different scales.  We have learned in larger organizations that a perfect solution to a problem just simply must be applicable to the objectives of that entreprise and cost reduction opportunities through the implementation of digital solutions are under every rock of the workflow.  Larger businesses are comprised of smaller businesses or units.  Replication and scale can be applied to a small solution to solve a big problem.  Because so many companies are greedy to just "throw out anything for a buck" - whether it solves the problem or not or use the lack of technical knowledge as an opportunity to gain advantage, our integrity in business has lead to purely consultative roles. 


Responsive/Mobile Design/Digital

The proliferation of device types and ways of viewing and experiencing content pushed the need to develop web sites and applications that are usable and friendly on all devices, reaching all humans possible in the ways they consume content.  We are redeveloping our customer's web presence to these specifications and adding Web and Mobile applications to increase their revenues, decrease their operational costs, expand their brand and reach to their constituents.



This amazing journey has left us today with clients from all of these efforts and all over the United States, knowledge of many types of businesses and organizations within many different vertical industries and a know-how to apply this to the growth of your organization through e-business and e-commerce.  We combine all that we have learned on the technology side and marketing side into the services you see here, and best materialized as a "Web Mobile" solutions.  We have reached the Pacific, and now we get to go downstream.



Humanspan assists middle market companies, small businesses and member organizations such as trade associations, homeowners associations (HOAs) and professional societies with simple services such as web, app or mobile development, hosting, first line of defense support - or by designing or implementing complex technology and marketing solutions.  

The assured goal: meaningful human interactions resulting in operational savings, increased market visibility, brand strengthening and/or increased revenues.


Reach out to us and tell us what you need.  Customers have direct access to our cell numbers for SMS messaging and/or direct calls via the Reach Support page.


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