Total Marketing

Your marketing and branding approach is determined by your budget and level of commitment to truly reach out, and must be all encompassing, top-down and available to human exposure.  Having a Web and/or Mobile presence in the mix means you must "market your marketing" and utilize online channels and offline, traditional approaches.  We can help you envision and implement.

Associational Marketing

You are a small business or middle market company and need your marketing/sales team trained in lead development, customer acquisition, retention, and sales through relationship management in the context of your corporate presence being visible in specific industries, aggregates and/or groups.  Or, you just need us to do this for or with you.  We accomplish B2B, B2C and constituent growth through involvement with Member Organizations in the various industries and audiences you are seeking to penetrate.  This overlooked approach to business growth goes back centuries, is time honored, very cost effective and you consistently get way more bang for your buck.  This begins with a dialogue.  Reach out to us today to discuss and we would be eager to present you with the approach that fits your needs.


You are any sized organization and you want to start spending less or you only have a small amount to invest in marketing but you need more visibility to produce leads and sales or to build your constituency.  Perhaps you just need a burst of leads and sales.  Or, you are in a challenging and aggressive business with lots of competition and you need "out of the box" and "abstract" thinking.  You need raw, unplugged creativity.  You need someone to get in the trenches with you and mold technomarketing mechanisms around your approach.  Whety ou need begins with a dialogue.  Reach out to us today to discuss and let's start brainstorming.


Also time honored, purchasing marketing lists that are relevant to your organizational needs and doing Direct Mail compaigns is still effective, especially if you are pushing human beings to your Web Presence or Mobile apps for valuable interactions, procurement or relationship development.  This begins with a dialogue. Reach out to us today and we can assist with as single campaign or prolonged involvement.




Humanspan assists middle market companies, small businesses and member organizations such as trade associations and professional societies with simple services such as web, app or mobile development, hosting, first line of defense services - or by designing or implementing complex technology and marketing solutions.  

The assured goal: operational savings, increased market visibility and/or increased revenues.


Reach out to us and tell us what you need.  Customers have direct access to our cell numbers for SMS messaging and/or direct calls.


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